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Mar 8, 2017

How To Create and Measure Emotional Connection To Brand Narrative

Speaker: Lana Novikova, Founder & CEO - Heartbeat AI

Description: “Human emotions and feeling are part of a complex system that is not yet completely understood.” Emotional connection to brands are a big part of the consumer experience today, and yet one of the most difficult aspects to understand, measure, and improve upon. Lana Novikova, founder & CEO of Heartbeat AI, is an expert in exactly that - understanding and measuring human emotions. In this session, Lana provided tips on how to better foster emotional connection in your marketing efforts.

Top 3 Session Takeaways:

Lana Novikova, Heartbeat AI

Lana opened her talk by playing a video that displayed how an individual can be primed to experience a specific desire - by means of visual and audible cues as well as by touch.

Evoking and holding on to a positive emotion are what marketers aim to accomplish within their audience. It begins by understanding the segmentation of emotions, specifically the many types of joy.

1) Understand your customer's emotions

Understanding positive emotions such as loyalty and affection, the feelings which evoke the release of dopamine, are measurable. If we, for example, can dissect what makes chocolate so favoured by many, we can understand how to create conditions that grow and sustain those same feelings through priming over a long period of time.

2) Consider your own favourite retail experiences

Lana referenced the book The New Rules of Retail, citing how the retail experience has evolved and how a store can not only prime but also study customers in order to make better predictions.

Think of 3D spaces like the Apple store and the experience of opening Apple product packages. These are all designed to not only stay aligned with the brand's own look and feel, a heightened but also the customer experience.

Online retailers are no different. It has been reported that customers feel so much joy when they see that smiling box from Amazon arrive. The smile is deliberate and intelligent marketing.




3) Elevate our own EQ

First step, understand your own emotions. Second, understand the emotions of others with empathy.
Lana Novikova, Co-Founder of Heartbeat AI

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