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Academic writing at college differs from what you are taught at the high school. It should not be underestimated. Every type of academic writing needs a profound research. There are some peculiarities which should be taken into account by the students.

Of course, a lot of writing skills which you acquired at the high school will be useful for you studying at the college. You are also expected writing clearly, having an appealing and interesting thesis, structuring work in a precise and logically-connected way. The common mistake among students is that they use the same writing strategies as they used at the high school which are not appropriate for college academic writing. The old structure consisting of five paragraphs is not appropriate for college academic writing. College academic papers have more flexible and sophisticated structures. Most old tricks such as repetitions, expressive means, wordiness in order to follow a ten-page requirements don’t guarantee you a success at the college. The first thing that should be realized by every student is that writing in college is first of all “academic writing” and you are expected to follow all rules of the so-called “academic community”. You become not just a student of the college; you try yourself as a real researcher making contribution to the development of science. You are expected to make a serious research and provide the results in your paper. Many custom essays and custom research papers may be a good sample for you.


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